Safety System Colored LED Strip Lighting
The x-glo range of Safety System Colored LED Strip Lighting includes many of the great features of the white underground strip lighting and it has been further developed for use in many applications including:

Directional strip lighting - The directional strip lighting is available Red, Green or Amber color options and can be supplied to pulsate in a direction at a fixed or variable speed. This system has highly effective at regulating the speed of haulage trucks at open pit mines and reducing accidents.

Movement control strip lighting - The movement control strip lighting is available in Red/Green or Red/Amber/Green options and enables the user to control which color is energized.

The x-glo range of Safety System Colored LED Strip Lighting is also available in PVC and Silicon casing versions and is:
• Corrosion Resistant
• Impact & Shock Resistant
• Fire Retardant
• Dust & Water Ingress Resistant
• Ultra-flexible

And it comes with the following unique x-glo led lighting features:

Variable Run Lengths - The strip light is designed to have maximum flexibility in the run length to suit the customers’ requirements unlike competitor products that are often only supplied in fixed lengths of typically 2 to 10 meters.

UV resistant & Dust repellent options - The PVC and Silicon versions are offered with Nano Technology that uses the Lotus Effect to help repel dust from sticking to the surface. This is particularly useful in high dust environments like coal mines.

Independently Tested & Certified - The strip light is the only LED light strip that can boast the full range of European CE, Australian CTick, and American UL certifications.

To read about pvc casing and silicon casing for our safety system colored LED strip lighting please click here.




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