Custom LED Strip Lighting Solutions
x-glo led lighting have developed a range of custom LED strip lighting solutions which utilize the great features of the white and colored strip lighting to deliver the following unique solutions:

Open Pit Mine – Truck Speed Control Solution

x-glo led lighting has developed an open pit truck speed control solution which assists the truck operators to control their downhill braking to avoid over speed related incidents and reduce the number of heavy haulage equipment accidents.

The x-glo led lighting open pit truck speed solution includes high quality Green/Amber/Red LED Light strips that are installed in series and pulsate in the driven direction. This solution reminds heavy equipment operators where to engage their retarder brake before reaching the crest of any ramp leading into the pit area, as well as coming down from their waste dumps. The solution also assists the drivers by providing indication of the braking zones which are highly visual during both day and night. At major intersections they also use Red for stop, Green for safe and Amber for caution as they travel in and out of the pit area.

Refuge Station Directional Solution

x-glo led lighting has developed a system that uses Red LED strip lighting which pulsates in a preset direction to guide the miners to a refuge station. This red pulsating strip lighting is critical in an emergency situation to guide the miners to the relative safety of the refuge station.

The x-glo led lighting Refuge Station directional solution uses the Red LED strip lighting with 14 LED’s per meter and pulsates in a preset direction, this strip light is routed through to the nearest refuge station. The directional strip light can be up to 200 meters in a single run.

Red LED strip lighting has been selected because it is the moist visible when there are high levels of dust in the air, as confirmed by studies conducted by the American Mine Safety & Health Administration.

Underground Junction Movement Control Solution

x-glo led lighting has developed a system that uses Red and Green LED strip lighting to control the movement of vehicles at crossing points underground.

Red and Green LED strip lighting is preferred for this application because it is flexible and can be easily routed around the corners at the crossing point, and is therefore highly visible to the oncoming vehicle operators.

This solution is also available in Red/Amber/Green and the electronic control box selects which color is energized.




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